5 Tools To Completely Transform Your Garden

One of the greatest feelings you can have is to transform something into the version you always dreamed of. While the dreaming part is easy, it's not always possible to afford your dreams. But it is possible to achieve this dream in one part of your home quite easily - your garden. There are so many things you can do to make this a special area that brings you joy. But, in order to transform your garden, it's important to have the proper tools. Having the right tools makes everything much easier and your work will be more effective. This guide will give you some inspiration on how to transform your garden, and also what tools you need to carry out the work.

Post Shoveler

One tool that every gardener needs is a shovel. No matter what you plan to do, digging holes is something that you will end up doing a lot in your garden. But if you just need a small diameter hole, then a post shoveler is an ideal tool. Lightweight and easy to use, this tool has two rounded blades that dig a perfectly round hole. It can dig a deep hole without it being excessively wide. That makes it the ideal tool for setting a fence or a signpost. It is also perfect for planting saplings or small trees and plants. It is easy to use but can save you a lot of time and effort.


Certain tools are required year-round to keep your garden looking its best. And top of this list is definitely a quality mower. Keeping your lawn maintained is probably the most important gardening task. Many gardening jobs only need to be done one time, but caring for your lawn is an ongoing job. When summer hits, you might find yourself mowing your lawn once every week or so. A quality mower makes this an enjoyable task as opposed to a chore. And regular mowing helps to thicken your grass. Each blade of grass contains hormones that suppress horizontal growth. Regular mowing removes these hormones and gives your grass more body. Ideally, you want to trim 1/3 of the length each time you mow.

Hedge Trimmers

In the same way that your lawn needs year-round attention, your hedges need similar care. An overgrown hedge can make your garden look messy. And the longer you leave it, the worse it looks. To solve this, a hedge trimmer is a perfect tool for the job. It depends on the type of hedges you have, but make sure you have the right trimmer. There are a number of options you can choose from. A two-stroke trimmer might suit your needs, or maybe you might need to hire a petrol hedge trimmer. We can assist you in choosing the right one for your needs. And some gardens might need a long reach trimmer to ensure that you can get to the hedges.

Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is another tool that can be indispensable if you need it. A wood chipper is used for reducing wood into smaller wood chips. But if you have to deal with large branches, you need a powerful wood chipper to get through it. They are usually portable, mounted on wheels. This allows you to get through a large area in an efficient time frame. Like everything else, having the right tool for the job will make your life much easier.

Moss Brush

A moss brush offers a powerful cleaning solution for hard surfaces. It is designed to do the hard work for you, saving you time, effort, and money. You can easily remove moss, debris, and weeds that would otherwise be hard to deal with. The brush height is adjustable, so you can control how hard, or soft, the brushing action is. It is an ideal tool for cleaning paving stones or concrete surfaces. And you can use it on tarmac or sports surfaces that would otherwise be very difficult to clean. They are powerful tools, but compact enough to transport or store.

Where to get Quality Tools

At PSM Hire, we have a team of experts ready to advise you on the right tool for the job. We have a wide range of tools designed to make your life easier. No matter what the job is, there is a tool that can save you time and money. Picking the right tool is just as important as doing the job itself. We can advise you on every aspect of the process. So, if you are looking to completely transform your garden this summer, our expert team is on hand to help.