All the Tools to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

Like most things in life, there’s a hard way and there’s an easy way of getting things done, and how to get your garden ready for summer is no different. As April draws to an end, the middle of spring is upon us. Nature is beginning to stir. Birds begin nest building. The first of this year’s fox cubs are being born, and hedgehogs are going through an amorous period.

The suburban garden is beginning to wake. The sun is out. Pansies, daffs, crocus, tulips, and hyacinth are flowering. The grass is beginning to grow. Shrubs, bushes, and hedges are sprouting new growth, and early flowering shrubs are beginning to bud. This year, gardening is not going to be a chore, something that has to be done. This year gardening is going to be different – a pleasure – something you want to do as you enjoy being safe at home.

Is your gardening toolbox up to the job?

Most people keep a limited amount of gardening tools in the shed. A garden fork and spade. A lawn rake and garden hoe. A pair of hand shears, secateurs, and maybe a bent and battered wheelbarrow. Why pay out for expensive electrical equipment that gets used once or twice a year, and might get stolen from the garden shed. ‘We’ll make do with the old tools for another year’. 

No wonder thinking about how to get your garden ready for summer is continually put on the back burner. But there is a better way. PSM Hire stock a full range of garden power tools and equipment, to help you plan how to get your garden ready for summer. Available by the hour, day, week, or longer, PSM will deliver and collect the equipment. Or, you can collect it from one of PSM’s branches around London and Kent. For instance, consider the following to make your gardening easier.

Pressure washers:

With little time to tend a lot of lawn, many homeowners choose to make their garden a low maintenance affair. The lawn is dug up, and replaced with brick pavers or concrete paving. Maybe a deck has been added with matching pergola. Whatever material your hard landscaping, you can spend a few tiring hours every spring, scrubbing it off with a stiff bristle brush. And it never looks completely clean. This year take the drudgery out of patio cleaning, by hiring a pressure washer from PSM, and spend thirty or forty minutes returning your tired decking and paving to its former glory. The difference will astound you.

Brush cutter or strimmer:

If you’ve been somewhat lax with the garden maintenance, and the grass is now 18” high, and brambles have infiltrated under the garden fence, consider hiring a brush cutter and strimmer. The brush cutter will make short work of the brambles and weeds, while the strimmer can then reduce the grass to a manageable height. Imagine doing that with your old blunt hand scythe.

Hedge cutter hire:

Can you remember how many times last autumn, you spent struggling to un-jam your garden shears. Jammed by an annoyingly small piece of conifer branch? Make this year’s hedge trimming an enjoyable experience, with an electric hedge trimmer from PSM. Normally hedges need trimming in spring and autumn, but if you notice garden birds going in and out of the hedge they may be nesting. In that case, leave cutting your hedge until the young have fledged.

Mowing the lawn:

Should we use the term lawn loosely? Is it more like an undulating, bumpy patch of grass? In that case, an electric hover mower may be all you need to keep it to a reasonable height for the kids to play on. On the other hand, if your lawn truly is like a bowling green, PSM have a range of electric and petrol-driven mowers to suit all sizes and types of lawn.

Rotavator Hire:

Garden digging tools such as rotavators can undertake a range of tasks in the garden. They can be used to level a patch of ground prior to laying new turf or paving. They can be used to turn over the soil in large garden borders, or to mix in organic fertilizers for salad and vegetable plots. Consider using one of PSM’s range of petrol rotavators, and give your back a little respite this year.

Check out the powered garden tools available from PSM Hire. PSM Hire has been selling and hiring plant and garden tools since the mid-1980s, and are proud to have been awarded the Hire Company Of The Year award for excellence in 2014, 2017, and 2018. Jot down in what order you would like to complete each of your garden tasks. Get your garden power tools booked with PSM, and this year, look forward to a summer of sunny garden relaxation.