Improve and Maintain Your Garden with Gardening Tool Hire

Improve and Maintain Your Garden with Gardening Tool Hire

With today’s large range of tools and equipment used in gardening available from PSM Hire, even the most mundane of tasks can be undertaken easily and with minimum effort. Whether weeding your borders, trimming a hedge or laying a deck, getting stuck into your garden maintenance can have significant health benefits.

However, there is nothing like an unkempt, overgrown garden to induce a little procrastination. ‘We really must get that garden sorted – next week.’ Or perhaps the week after, or the week after that. ‘After all, we’re going to need professional gardening tools and equipment to sort that out’. All the while the grass gets longer, hedges taller, and weeds, brambles, and decaying vegetation continue to take over space.

Not all of us are ardent gardeners and have essential gardening equipment like hoes, forks, spades, or rakes, but that shouldn’t be a barrier to keeping a tidy garden. Even if you just want a clear, pleasant space where the toddlers can play safely. An area where you can sit and relax during your time off work, or somewhere you can entertain friends and neighbours, all is not lost. With the different tools and equipment used in gardening readily available from PSM Hire, it just takes is a little determination and forward planning, for you to have a garden space to do all the entertaining you like, in a surprisingly short space of time.


Pick a project for each weekend

The object of the exercise is to 1) Hire the essential gardening equipment needed, clean the garden up and get it back to a manageable space, and 2) to keep it that way, and who knows, maybe develop a little interest in the gardening hobby. Claiming to have no tools to do the job is not an option. PSM Hire has professional gardening tools and equipment to make the whole project that much easier.


Weekend number one: let’s get rid of the jungle.

It’s surprising how just cutting the grass, and cutting back the hedges can transform the look of even the most neglected garden. Unless you have an acre of land to reclaim, it can easily be done over a weekend, using a selection of professional gardening tools and equipment from PSM Hire. Depending on how overgrown the lawn is, consider a petrol-driven mower, or if it’s very overgrown, a brush cutter or strimmer.

With the grass, nettles, and brambles chopped, the cuttings can be raked into a corner. We’ll come back to those. Next, the hedges. There are a number of shrubs and trees commonly used in the UK for hedging and screening, and Leylandii is a favourite. A fast-growing conifer, they provide a thick hedge in a short space of time. And this is the problem, they can quickly get out of control, growing to 20 feet high if not regularly trimmed.

No need to panic, those nice people at PSM Hire have a selection of professional gardening tools and equipment such as hedge trimmers, and long-handled tree pruners for hire, ideal for trimming Leylandii, or pruning those just-out-of-reach larger branches. With the cuttings raked up with the grass and brambles, you can look forward to next weekend’s project.


Weekend number two: Shredding and pruning

One of the big problems of any garden reclamation is where and how to get rid of all the garden debris. Of course, you can cram it into black bags and drive to your nearest council tip. But don’t do that, think green. Go through your PSM list of home gardening tools and equipment, and hire a chipper.

All that raked up, overgrown grass, brambles, hedge cuttings, and branches can be fed into the chipper, broken down, and put in your compost bin. At the same time, if you have any ornamental trees that need pruning, or dead and dying shrubs, pull them out of the borders, and feed them to the chipper as well. A properly functioning compost heap will not only provide natural food and nutrients for your plants, but help lower your carbon footprint.


Weekend number three: Spruce up the borders

This week from PSM, you just need a small selection of home gardening tools and equipment such as a garden fork, border trimmer, rake, and short-handled spade and fork set. With all the heavy work done, check out the borders. All your dead and unhealthy looking shrubs and plants should be gone. Turnover and aerate the soil, trim the edges, reposition a few shrubs, and maybe visit the garden centre, to replace a few plants that have gone.

In just three short weekends, with a little help from the professional gardening tools and equipment available from PSM, you’ve turned what was becoming a wilderness into a garden that, with a little regular attention, can continue its journey to becoming your very own little piece of garden heaven.