The Importance Of Site Safety Equipment

Our Top Equipment & Procedures To Stay Safe On Site

At PSM Hire, our specialist team understands the importance of on site safety equipment. Safety equipment keeps every operator as safe as possible on site and prevents potential hazards from occurring. Not only is it important to have all the necessary equipment to tackle the task at hand, but it’s also prerogative to have equipment that can protect you and all other on site workers. Whatever project you’re working on, there needs to be safety protection in place. Construction sites can be a dangerous place if you aren’t prepared, so taking the precautions now and ensuring site safety equipment is in place will make your workers feel safer and more secure. We’ve put together this guide on why you should consider hiring site safety equipment and some things you should consider when staying safe on site.

Safe Pedestrian Access On Site

When considering site safety equipment hire options, it’s necessary to plan for pedestrians being affected by your construction site. At PSM Hire, we offer traffic management that you can hire for the duration of your project. We offer road signs and traffic barriers so that pedestrians know where it is safe to walk and can stay out of the way of the work you’re doing on site. It keeps pedestrians away from vehicles, providing walkways and crossings to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from using the same areas around the site. The GOV.UK website states here that ‘out of 142 work related fatalities in the 2020/2021 period, 39 were attributed to the construction industry.’ A construction site is a hazard to the general public as they will not be aware of what procedures are in place. Clear signposting needs to guide them the safest route. Click here to view more of our traffic management equipment available to hire.

Working At A Height Safety & Security Procedures

Working at a height means workers will face safety hazards and challenges on a daily basis that they need to be prepared for with procedures in place. It’s likely your site will need barricades when working from a height. Whether this is to ensure safety on scaffolding or if you’re working on a building that doesn’t have walls, working at a height means extra procedures need to be in place. We offer a variety of site safety equipment for hire, such as the Pro Barrier System Chapter 8 which conforms to chapter 8 - safety street works and road works code of practice. On top of this, if weather conditions seem unsafe while working at a height, don’t use any type of hoisting equipment. 

Working Safely In All Weather Conditions

Your construction site needs to be prepared for all weather conditions and have site safety equipment in place depending on the forecast and time of year. During the winter, precautions need to be made as temperatures will drop and workers are at risk of developing illnesses such as hypothermia and pneumonia. This is where workers need to be guided on the use of PPE, or ‘Personal Protective Equipment.’ They need to be encouraged to wear thick winter boots and gloves to help keep them warm. There also needs to be a safe, warm place for them to rest if they get too cold. A similar situation is working during the summer. Workers must have water always available and areas that hold air conditioning for them to cool down. At PSM, we have a variety of air conditioning units available to hire that can make a real difference when it comes to site safety during the warmer months. 

Lighting & Heating Equipment All Year Round

Lighting and heating equipment can help keep your site safe during the darker and colder months. Before carrying out work there needs to be sufficient access to power and lighting solutions, as it is not safe nor practical for workers to continue their work in the darkness. Without lighting solutions, working during the winter can be near impossible with the nights drawing in early. At PSM Hire, we offer diesel generators and site lighting to make sure your site can continue to be powered safely and securely. Our reliable equipment also extends to heating, providing you with air conditioning during the summer but also warmth in the winter, making it safe for your workers to continue the task at hand even if the weather isn't ideal. 

How Can PSM Help

At PSM, we have a great variety of site safety equipment available to hire. We can provide equipment to ensure that your site remains as safe as possible at all times. Whether you’re looking for fencing and barriers, heating and lighting equipment or any other kind of site safety equipment, we’re your reliable source. All of our equipment meets the health and safety standard and won’t let you down. To learn more about the site safety equipment we have available, get in touch with us today. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Call us now on 02088505658. We look forward to hearing from you.