Tools To Transform Your Garden

When the weather is warm, most of us enjoy spending time out in the garden. We light up the barbecue and invite friends over to make the most of the summer months. No matter how large or small the space is, a garden can be a relaxing place to sit. Transforming a garden into an alfresco haven is very satisfying. You can hire a landscaper to do the work but doing it yourself is easier than you think, especially when you have access to the right tools for the job, and what’s more you get to spend time in the great outdoors too. Get the whole family involved – it makes light work of the project and you can all create something wonderful together. And as you transform you will be able to have a real sense of pride, without having to spend copious amounts on purchasing all of the different tools you need. Here are some easy diy garden ideas and handy tools to use to get you started:

Make Boundaries More Than Just Practical With Our Paint Spraying Tools

If your fences are falling down, wonky or not giving you the privacy you want, it's time for an upgrade. Adjusting the appearance of your boundaries can make such a huge difference. To get a professional finish yourself, use a length of string to make sure the fence posts go in a perfectly straight line. This is the simplest of garden diy tips, but it’s one that’ll make all the difference. If your fence is fine and you’re looking for ideas on how to transform a garden on a budget, simply paint or stain the timber in a black or grey shade. This could provide your garden with the perfect backdrop, making the greenery and plants stand out much more. We are proud to offer paint removing tools, as well as paint spraying tools, so you can give your garden the perfect sleek finish.

Upgrade The Patio Or Make Yours Good As New With Pressure Washing 

Patios age after a while and start to look their age. Replacing the paving stones with new ones will look gorgeous, and tackling the installation yourself will save money. But if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, a thorough jet washing can make all the difference. Hire one for the day if you don’t already own one, we have a full range of different options here! Make sure all the stones and gaps are completely clean, then add a few new pots to the edges. Choose the containers in a fresh colour scheme and the whole patio area will look upgraded.

Add A New Shed To Your Garden With Our Mixer Hire Services

If you’re short on storage for your tools and garden chairs, a brand new shed will help you keep your outdoor space tidy. If you want to know how to transform your garden on a budget, save cash by making a concrete shed base yourself. Mixing the cement by hand is hard work, but hiring a mixer cuts the labour in half. Get a friend involved too, and this job will take no time at all. Use old lengths of timber to build a square frame, secured in place with stakes. Once the frame is filled with mixed concrete, use a spirit level to ensure a perfectly level surface. Then you can enjoy the benefits of extra storage for a fraction of the price.

Maintain Your Shrubs Effortlessly With Quality Trimmers

Trees and bushes need regular trimming and reshaping. This will usually encourage thicker new growth and maintained shrubs look more loved. It’s one of the easier ways to transform your garden without breaking the bank. If you have large shrubs you’ll find the job easier with a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and a shredder. To save money, hire the equipment you need from a trusted company such as PSM Hire. We have a full range of hedge trimmers available to help you shape up your greenery as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How to transform your garden quickly? Dig up the old grass and lay new turf – it instantly improves a space. A turf cutter makes short work of removing the existing lawn. Our turf cutters allow you to seamlessly dispose of your existing lawns, allowing new turf to be slotted in easily. As this is a piece of machinery you’ll rarely use, it makes sense to hire one instead of buying one. Once the old grass is up, take time to make the ground beneath as level as possible. A new layer of topsoil makes the perfect surface for laying the new strips of turf. To make sure that your lawn is healthy, we also offer lawn scarifier hire. We offer a full range of options to help you to care for your lawn.                                                                                                                                                             

Finish off with the plants

The final part is the most fun – add colour, texture and interest with the plants you choose. It’s possible to spend a fortune on plants if you buy everything in a garden centre, but if you want to know how to transform your garden cheaply, seeds are the way to go. They take a little longer, but a few packets of seeds and some compost will cost a lot less than fully grown plants. If you start the seedlings off indoors on a sunny window sill, they’ll be ready to plant outside in just a few weeks.

If you’re not sure about gardening and the benefits of diy, start with just one of these projects and give yourself plenty of time to complete it. You’ll achieve the most satisfying results if you have the best tools and equipment, and the savings will be substantial in the long run. So, if the price of updating your garden or the hassle is putting you off, tool hire is the cheapest and easiest solution! If you are unsure of which tools will suit your project best, our expert team is on hand to offer advice that will help you to obtain quality results. Visit our Contact Us Page here!