Must have Equipment for Hazardous Sites

Safety cage containing gas canistersIn this blog post, we will explore the world of hazardous construction sites and the crucial safety equipment that can mitigate potential risks. As a trusted tool hire company in Blackfen, Kent, PSM Tool Hire is committed to promoting safety and providing reliable equipment to safeguard workers and sites alike. Let's dive into the essential equipment necessary to ensure a secure working environment in dangerous conditions.


Types of Hazardous Construction Sites:

Construction work is in itself high-risk work. Falls from height, trips, slips and falling materials all pose a threat to construction workers. Additionally, construction work often requires operating dangerous machinery and working in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. There are a number of different sites that can pose additional risks to workers.

- Confined spaces such as manholes and tunnels offer poor lighting and risk of collapse as well as the risk of toxic substances and gases concentrating due to poor ventilation.
- Chemical Processing Plants: Sites handling hazardous substances that could lead to health risks and potential explosions.
- Oil Refineries store high quantities of flammable substances that make these sites prone to fire and explosion accidents.
- Waste Treatment Facilities: Exposure to toxic fumes and hazardous materials makes these sites perilous.
- Demolition Sites: Potential risks include structural collapses and the release of hazardous materials such as asbestos dust during demolition.
- Mining Operations can produce harmful gases. Workers are also exposed to the risk of cave-ins and explosions.


Potential Hazards:

Hazardous chemicals on construction sites as well as flammable materials pose numerous risks to both workers and the environment. These include:

- Fire and Explosion: Sites dealing with flammable substances or volatile materials are at risk of fires and explosions, leading to significant damage and potential harm to workers.
- Hazardous Gas Exposure: Some sites may harbour toxic or flammable gases that can be harmful or deadly if inhaled.
- Noise Pollution: Construction sites are often noisy environments, but excessive noise levels can harm workers' hearing and overall health.
- Unauthorised Access: Unrestricted access to hazardous sites can lead to accidents or intentional harm to workers and property.


Safety Equipment for Hazardous Sites:

Depending on the specific hazards inherent to each job site, there is safety equipment available to mitigate risks and help resolve potential issues. This equipment includes:

1. Hazardous Gas Safety Equipment:

To safeguard workers from potential gas leaks or toxic fumes, two essential pieces of equipment are:

- BW Gas Detector: This portable device detects the presence of hazardous gases, promptly alerting workers to dangerous conditions.
- Constant Flow Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus: In case of gas leaks or exposure to toxic fumes, this apparatus provides a safe breathing environment for workers to evacuate the hazardous area.

2. Safety Equipment for Sites with Risk of Fire and Explosion:

To combat fire and explosion hazards on construction sites, it's vital to have the following equipment readily available:

- Co2 Fire Extinguisher: Effective for extinguishing electrical fires, these extinguishers work by removing oxygen from the fire.
- AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher: Ideal for flammable liquid fires, this extinguisher forms a film over the liquid, suppressing the fire.
- Water Fire Extinguisher: Suitable for ordinary combustible fires, these extinguishers cool the fire to extinguish it.
- Armogard - FlamBank Storage Container: These fire-resistant storage containers are perfect for safely storing flammable materials on-site.
- Armorgard Gas Cage: Designed specifically to secure gas cylinders, this cage prevents unauthorised access and potential mishandling.

3. Barriers and Traffic Management Equipment:

Creating a safe working environment also involves efficient traffic management and site security. Essential equipment includes:

- Site Security Heavy Duty Round Top Anti Climb Fence Panels: These robust barriers deter trespassers and enhance site security.
- Echo Barrier - Acoustic Noise Barriers: Reducing noise pollution, protecting workers' hearing, and maintaining good relations with neighbours.
- Pedestrian Barriers: Used to control pedestrian traffic around hazardous areas, ensuring the safety of workers and the public.
- Road Cones: Alert workers and visitors to potential hazards and provide clear guidance on safe paths.
- Melba Road Traffic Separator: Keeps vehicles safely separated from pedestrian areas, reducing the risk of accidents.


By understanding the various dangers associated with hazardous construction sites and investing in the appropriate safety equipment, construction companies can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the well-being of their workers. PSM Tool Hire in Blackfen, Kent, provides reliable and high-quality safety equipment to help you create a secure and incident-free work environment. We stock an ample range of plant, tools and machinery for residential and commercial projects of all sizes, and all of our equipment undergoes rigorous safety checks between hires. Contact us today for more information on 02088505658. Our friendly team are always happy to help.