How do air tools work? Your guide to essential air tools

small red air compressorThe right tools can make all the difference to your construction or DIY project. Having access to reliable equipment can significantly enhance your efficiency and the quality of your work. Among the various types of tools available, air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, stand out for their incredible precision and versatility. At PSM Hire, we’re proud to provide a full range of essential air tools to help you get ahead of your next project. Keep reading to learn more about how air tools work and their benefits.

How do air tools work?

Air tools, or pneumatic tools, are powered by compressed air. They offer a range of benefits over their electric or cordless counterparts. Air tools are renowned for their durability and lightweight design, often making them the preferred choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. These tools provide increased precision through the power of compressed air, ensuring that your projects are completed accurately.


Our guide to essential air tools

- Air Compressors: Air compressors generate the compressed air needed to power your tools. They function by converting electrical or mechanical energy into compressed air, which can be harnessed for various applications. Their benefits include consistent power output, making them ideal for powering a wide range of pneumatic tools. Choose the right size compressor based on the tools you plan to use. At PSM Hire, we’re proud to stock a full range of powerful air compressors, one of the most essential pieces of equipment found on construction sites. Click here to discover more.

Safety tips: Regularly check for air leaks, maintain proper pressure levels and follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines for the compressor.

- Air Impact Wrenches: Air impact wrenches are essential tools primarily used for fastening or loosening nuts and bolts in various applications, such as automotive repair and construction. Their key advantages include remarkable speed and efficiency, significantly reducing the time and effort required for tasks.

Safety tips: Always wear safety glasses and hearing protection. Use the appropriate torque setting to avoid overtightening.

- Pneumatic Nail Guns: Pneumatic nail guns are valuable tools in construction and woodworking. These devices rely on compressed air to drive nails quickly and securely into various materials, such as wood and metal. Their key benefits include remarkable speed and efficiency, significantly reducing labour time on framing and finishing projects.

Safety tip: Keep your fingers away from the nail path, and disconnect the air supply when clearing jams or performing maintenance.

- Air Sanders: Air sanders utilise compressed air to provide a smooth, even finish on various surfaces. They are often used in woodworking and auto body work and offer superior control and efficiency. Air sanders reduce the time and effort required for labour-intensive projects.

Safety tips: Wear a dust mask or use dust extraction systems to protect against airborne particles. Maintain the correct pressure settings to avoid excessive material removal.

- Air Grinders: Air grinders are versatile tools, powered by compressed air. They excel in tasks such as grinding, cutting and polishing in industries like metalworking and construction. Their key benefits include high power-to-weight ratios, allowing for precise and efficient material removal. Air grinders provide consistent performance without the need for battery changes or cord management, enhancing productivity. Their lightweight design minimises operator fatigue, enabling extended use. 

Safety tips: Always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and gloves.

- Air Drills:  Air drills are reliable tools for drilling precise holes in various materials, including wood, metal and concrete. Their speed makes quick work of drilling tasks. Air drills also offer excellent control, allowing for precise hole placement and depth.

Safety tips: Wear safety glasses and ensure the drill is securely in place. Maintain a firm grip to prevent the drill from spinning out of control.


Enhancing your project with our essential air tools

red pneumatic impact wrenchAir tools can have a positive impact on the success of your project. Let us talk you through just some of the benefits of hiring an air tool.

Increased power: Air tools are known for their high torque and power output. This means you can tackle tough tasks with ease, such as tightening or loosening stubborn bolts, driving nails effortlessly or sanding through tough materials.

Precision: Offering excellent control and precision, air tools allow you to achieve fine finishes or make accurate cuts. This is particularly important for tasks like drilling precise holes.

Efficiency: Air tools operate continuously without overheating or experiencing battery drain, ensuring uninterrupted work. Their efficiency can significantly reduce project completion times.

Versatility: At PSM, we stock a full range of air tools for hire, suitable for a wide range of tasks. From construction projects to woodworking, our air tools are everything you need to get the job done.


Not sure which air tool is best for your project? 

Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the right tools for the task at hand. We also offer flexible air tool hire options to suit your project's needs, whether it's a short-term DIY task or a long-term professional project. Air tools are a valuable addition to your toolkit, offering the power and precision to successfully complete a wide range of tasks. If you’re still wondering, ‘How do air tools work?’ or would like to learn more about our full range of equipment, please get in touch. Call our knowledgeable team today on 02088505658. We look forward to hearing from you.