Road Compressors

Suitable for powering a range of air tools, from road breakers to demolition picks, our fleet of towable  road compressors for hire features a selection of incredibly versatile machines. Thanks to their low fuel consumption and optimum efficiency, road compressors are an excellent option for completing a range of tasks. These include complex road projects being undertaken in cities and suburban areas. View our range of road compressors for hire below.

Types of Road Compressors 

At PSM Hire, we stock two types of road compressor machines, the two-tool compressor and its four-tool counterpart. 

- Two-Tool Compressor: The two-tool compressor is designed to be compact, powerful and easy to operate. As the name suggests, it has the ability to power two tools at once, providing you with the power you need without taking up excess space on site. 

- Four-Tool Compressor: With the ability to power up to four tools at once, the four-tool compressor is incredibly powerful, and ideal for large-scale road works. Regardless of the task at hand, this versatile tool can adapt to suit a variety of situations, providing superior strength and making light work of the job. At PSM Hire, we’re pleased to stock a range of four tool compressors for hire, including the Ingersoll Rand road compressor. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch. 


Why Choose PSM For Road Compressor Hire? 

If you’re about to undertake complex road works where electric power isn’t available, hiring a road compressor machine is a must. At PSM Hire, all of our equipment is maintained to the highest standard and is provided to our customers by reputable, trusted brands.  To find out more about the best type of road compressor to suit your project, get in touch with one of our helpful advisors. They’ll be more than happy to provide tailored advice and guidance, assisting you in selecting the right hire option to suit your needs. Call us on 02088 505 658 and speak to a member of our team today.