Concrete Poker Hire

Electric Poker Unit

An electric concrete poker is used to vibrate wet concrete, removing air bubbles to offer consistency and strength to the final product. Concrete poker hire is a great option if you want to ensure a pour is even and free of any air bubbles. This will ensure your concrete remains strong with a smooth finish. 

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Poker Unit? 

One major benefit of opting for an electric poker unit is its simplicity. A fully functioning electric concrete poker requires only a drive unit, a flexible drive shaft and a vibrating mechanism. It works directly on the concrete and can be manoeuvred quickly and easily around your site. An electric poker unit hire is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a lightweight and compact solution with a high-frequency vibration for optimum productivity. With a compact design and low weight, its small and powerful motor makes it the ideal choice for both home and professional use. 

How Does an Electric Concrete Poker Work? 

Vibrating is a critical step on the majority of construction sites and, when poured, it's easy to form a substantial amount of air bubbles that can damage the strength of the concrete. Used to remove air bubbles from small sections of newly laid concrete in a swift and effective manner, the machine forces air bubbles, settling the concrete as you observe.

Effective use of an electric concrete poker takes skill and experience. In order to maximise its effect, it’s recommended that you insert the tool at a vertical angle. Also, be sure to penetrate previous layers of concrete already placed to prevent cold joints. These can occur when the newer layer of concrete is poured over an old layer that has set enough to prevent the two layers from properly bonding.

Why Choose Us? 

At PSM Hire, we’re pleased to provide a vast range of leading construction equipment and tools for hire in Kent and the surrounding areas. Within our extensive portfolio, we’re glad to include a selection of concrete and compaction tools, including superior concrete poker hire.

From leading industry brands, we’re proud to offer a selection of electric concrete pokers and shafts. At PSM Hire, we’re committed to offering reliable, expert solutions to all of our clients, making light work of any construction project. 

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