Trench Rammer Hire

What is a Trench Rammer?

Designed to compact the ground of trenches when digging footings, trench rammers are useful for reaching tight spaces where normal compactors struggle to fit. They also offer high impact force while still maintaining a compact design and a range of complex safety features. Because of their slim design, rammers are also ideal for work conducted in trenches. With the ability to compact deeper into the soil than a plate compactor, more soil can be added to each layer, making the process of filling and compacting a hole incredibly fast. 

Trench rammer hire is the ideal option if you’re looking to simplify the compaction process through the use of reliable, modern construction equipment. 

Bomag Trench Rammer

At PSM Hire, we’re proud to offer a range of trench rammers for hire, including the Bomag Trench Rammer. Highly efficient at compacting cohesive soils due to its small plate size, the Bomag Trench Rammer can also be applied to granular and mixed soils as well as asphalt.  Easy to operate, the Bomag Trench Rammer is extremely sturdy, reliable and durable, designed to offer expert performance. These highly manoeuvrable units are suitable for use in confined areas like narrow trenches. The Bomag is easy to steer and features optimum handling behaviour, offering fast and efficient operation. 

The Bomag Trench Rammer comes with many added benefits, including:

  - A durable engine covering

  - Vibration insulated steering

  - Powerful 4-stroke engine

  - Lightweight design

  - Recoil starter

  - Single point lifting device 

  - Safe transportation

  - Superior compaction performance

Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the Bomag Trench Rammer delivers focused, direct compaction, offering the ability to compact deeper into soil than others on the market. 

Belle Trench Rammer

We’re also pleased to supply the highly effective Belle Trench Rammer. Designed for reinstating asphalt and compacting hardcore and soil, the Belle Trench Hammer has low emissions and a low-noise 4-stroke engine. The model also features a highly engineered shock mount.  Ideal for use in trenches and confined spaces, the Belle Trench Rammer features excellent balance, offering users easy control and high-level compaction. 

Why Choose Us? 

At PSM Hire, we’re pleased to offer our customers a selection of only the best equipment through our reputable trench rammer hire services. If you’re looking for a swift and professional tool hire service, we can help! View our full range of Bomag and Belle Trench Rammers below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our experienced, dedicated team members on 020 88505 658. We look forward to hearing from you.