Magnetic Drill Hire

If you’re searching for a powerful, portable drilling tool, our magnetic drill hire option is the ideal choice. Crafted to insert holes into large, heavy metal workpieces, the low profile magnetic drill can facilitate tasks that are unfit for their traditional handheld counterpart.  At PSM Hire, we’re pleased to stock a range of magnetic drills for hire, all sourced from a selection of highly respected brands, including Rotabroach and Uni Bor. 

What is a Magnetic Drill? 

A magnetic drill is a specially designed tool made up of a magnetic base, motor and gearbox, drilling unit and cooling system. Commonly used in industrial applications, magnetic drills offer various advantages over conventional drilling methods. These include:

- Portability - Designed to be lightweight and easily transportable, the magnetic drill can be used in locations where the traditional drill press might not be workable. 
- Stability - The strong magnet base provides stability and security, preventing the drill from slipping. 
- Efficiency - Magnetic drills are favoured for their superior power and efficiency, making them capable of drilling holes in thick materials quickly and accurately. 
- Flexibility - The adjustable height and angle features of the magnetic drill make it incredibly versatile, suited to a variety of drilling operations.

Why Choose PSM For Magnetic Drill Hire? 

At PSM Hire, we’re proud to stock a range of modern, high-quality low profile magnetic drills for hire, guaranteed to make light work of any drilling task.  To find out more about any of the products featured on our site, please get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 02088505658 and one of our helpful advisors will be more than happy to provide further details.