Cartridge Guns

Using explosive cartridges to drive nails into steel and concrete, our semi-automatic cartridge guns for hire are suited to a variety of construction tasks. At PSM Hire, we’re pleased to offer our customers access to a range of high-quality cartridge guns for hire at an affordable rate. View our range of cartridge guns available for hire below. 

How to Use a Cartridge Gun 

Consisting of a hollow metal barrel and a firing pin, automatic cartridge guns feature either a hammer blow or a trigger pull. A firing pin strikes the back of the shell, setting off a controlled explosion that is safely contained within the gun. Before you attempt to use a cartridge gun, it’s essential that you first take a number of factors into consideration:

- Always load the nail first, then the cartridge 
- Treat the nail gun like any gun, pointing it away from other people 
- Keep the cartridge gun perpendicular to the material.

How to use an automatic cartridge gun can be summed up in 4 simple steps:

1) Load the Nail - slide the nail into the barrel of the nailer at the barrel end. Push it until the pointed end of the nail has cleared the barrel end.
2) Insert the Powder Load - place the powder load into the chamber, then slide it shut. 
3) Position the Tool - place the concrete nailer perpendicular to the material. Press down on the nailer until the two grooves on the barrel meet. 
4) Strike the Hammer - deliver one sharp blow to the metal peg on the back of the cartridge gun. The tool will then fire, discharging the nail into the steel or concrete. 

Why Choose PSM Hire For Cartridge Gun Hire? 

At PSM Hire, we’re proud to offer superior, reliable plant hire equipment to businesses across London & Essex. When you choose our unmatched services, you won’t be left disappointed. 

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