Stump Grinder Hire

Commonly used in landscaping, forestry and tree care, our stump grinders for hire grind away the stump and its roots system below the ground level. This process effectively eliminates the visible portion of the stump, allowing for re-landscaping or construction. View our range of stump grinders for hire below: 

How to Use a Stump Grinder 

Looking to hire a stump grinder but aren’t sure how to use it effectively? Follow these simple steps:

- Put on the appropriate PPE.
- Familiarise yourself with the controls and safety features of the grinder before starting. 
- Trim the stump as close to the ground as possible using a chainsaw. 
- Remove any rocks, stones or loose debris around the base of the stump. 
- Place the stump grinder in the desired position near the stump, ensuring it is stable and on level ground. 
- Adjust the cutting wheel height so that it’s above the stump, but not touching it. 
- Follow the manufacturer's instructions to start the stump grinder. 
- Lower the cutting wheel into the stump, starting from the outer edges and working your way towards the center. 
- Use back-and-forth motions to grind the stump, applying even pressure. 
- Continue the process until the entire stump is below ground level.

Hiring a Stump Grinder | Why Choose PSM?

At PSM Hire, we’re pleased to provide high-quality stump grinders for hire, designed to meet the requirements of a variety of users, from DIY-ers to professional contractors. Our stump grinders provide outstanding performance, ensuring you earn a significant return on your investment. To discover more about any of the products featured on our site, get in touch today. Call us on 02088505658 and one of our expert team members will be happy to provide assistance.