Rail Equipment

When carrying out work on a railway, it is vitally important to invest in appropriate rail tools and solutions, to ensure maximised safety at all times. The rail sector poses a full range of hazards that need to be carefully considered and managed. We are proud to offer a range of rail equipment for hire, to help you to get the job done with minimal hassle.

Our aim is to provide our customers with maximised safety and accessibility while working on the railway. Our rail equipment consists of on-track rail trolleys, helping you to reach areas above the track, shrouds that enclose the conductor rail and ensure safety or workers, cable cutters, battery work lights and more. All of our rail equipment is regularly serviced and maintained, so you do not need to worry about quality when you choose us.

If you are unsure of which rail tools and solutions will be most ideal for your particular project, a member of the PSM team can provide you with in-depth advice and guidance to help you to make an informed decision.

For more information on our rail equipment hire services do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team who can provide you with all the information you need. Visit our Contact Us Page to get in touch. We are always happy to help.