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Atex Zone 22 Approved Vacuum Cleaner 110v


The Nilfisk Alto Attix 791-2M/B1 ATEX vacuum cleaner is designed to work in areas of fine dust including flour dust, cereal dust, wood dust etc. All fine organic dust has the potential to cause an explosion as the mixture of fine dust, huge air supply and static build up create the perfect conditions for a spark to ignite the dust. Type 22 vacuum cleaners are approved for work in ATEX Zone 22 environments with explosive dust. The built-in FlowSensor and acoustic warning signal monitors air speed in the suction hose to make sure that it does not fall below the minimum of 20m/s. The use of anti-static suction hoses with different diameters is easily adjustable on the main control board. The Attix 791-2M/B1 comes complete with an M class filter for use with dusts in class M.

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  • Atex Zone 22 Approved Vacuum Cleaner 110v