Flexitrace Duct Tracing System 50m x 4.5mm

Flexitrace Duct Tracing System 50m x 4.5mm

Manufacturer: Flexitrace

Code: O20401

Model: Flexitrace 50m


The “Flexitrace” system gives a compact and labour saving solution when locating ducts and drains. Provides the benefits of a sonde and a continuous trace system in one compact unit. A new improved coil size of 8.3mm diameter allows far better flexibility when rodding through small diameter ducts, 1/2 inch water and gas pipes, including the joints on those pipes. Attach a Signal Generator to both terminals of the Flexitrace to energise the end coil as a sonde. The coil transmits a signal that indicates its position. The end coil housing contains no batteries and is therefore very compact compared with traditional sondes. Attach a signal generator to one of the terminals of the Flexitrace and an earth stake (or other independant earth). The Flexitrace can be pushed the length of the duct or drain and then traced along it’s complete length with a Cable Avoidance tool (CAT Receiver). The compact size of the end coil (8.3mm diameter) and the flexibility of the 4.5mm rod make the Flexitrace particularly suitable for locating narrow ducts. Suitable for use with most C.A.T and signal generator systems. 

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