Grabo Plus Suction Vacuum Lifter battery operated

Grabo Plus Suction Vacuum Lifter Battery Operated

Manufacturer: GRABO

Code: Z93402

Model: NG-14.8V-2Li


The Grabo, fully electric vacuum grabber ideal for Glass Stone. Capable of securing to almost any surface, it features up to 170Kg of grabbing force, making it ideal for lifting, moving and placing everything from tiles to large appliances. As a result, heavy and large materials can be lifted much more safely and conveniently and it is less stressful for the professional. The weight can always be transported very close to the body which protects or relieves the spine. 
What materials can be lifted with the Grabo?
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Textured Granite
  • Concrete
  • Patterned Steel
  • Drywall
  • Tiles
  • Wood
  • Tombstone 
  • Appliances
  • Door
  • Car Windshield
  • Furniture
  • Manhole Cover

Usage Information

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