Infra Red Heater 3kW 110v 32amp or 240v 13amp

Infra Red Heater 3kW 110v 32amp or 240v 13amp

Manufacturer: Elite

Code: H13001

Model: EH115


The Infra Red Heater is an electric heater with two settings that control the heat output.  They are ideal for busy and commercial and industrial areas, large spaces, heating workshops and warehouses and also ideal for drying damp walls. It produces instant heat with no noise or fumes.
Available in 110v 32amp or 240v 13amp
Please note: 
Heater 110v 32amp requires a Transformer 5kVA Continuous @ 3kVA Air Vented Fitted With 32Amp Socket. Also do not use any Extension Leads with these Heaters.

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